Development, manufacturing and OEM/ODM manufacturing of various electroporation/NARLSONIC beauty equipment

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Business Overview

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OEM/ODM Business

OEM/ODM Business

We undertake OEM (ODM)/private brand manufacturing of beauty equipment and cosmetics that have adopted state-of-the-art beauty technology

We undertake manufacturing of full OEM (ODM) products with high added value based on state-of-the-art beauty technology in order to meet the needs of the constantly changing market.
Moreover, we supply private brand products that are differentiated from those of rival companies in simple and low lots by changing some of the specifications of various proper beauty/health equipment and cosmetic products developed with state-of-the-art beauty technology to match the distribution channels of our clients.

Furthermore, in addition to the abundance of molds we have to offer, the electroporation beauty method (electroporation) based on state-of-the-art beauty technology and development/manufacturing of beauty/health equipment that combines various functions (e.g. NARLSONIC), we also supply growth factor (GF) cosmetics (products approved by the Japan EGF Association) formulated with EGF and FGF that have been created from only the essences accompanied by evidence and biotechnology which are safe and high quality as functional cosmetics essential in electroporation beauty.

We offer continuous consulting services (including follow-up) together with a complete support system from the planning of the sales promotions of these products to introductory training (e.g. product theory, basics of beauty and technical training) and help with building the evidence that underlies the beauty effect. We aim to have an indispensable presence for our customers as a strategic beauty business partner.

What is OEM (ODM)
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing. This refers to the business in which a company undertakes the manufacture and supply of original brand products on behalf of a client. Original design manufacturing (ODM) refers to the undertaking of everything ? from design to product development and manufacturing ? in regards to OEM.

Flow of product development

  • Contact meeting

    We listen in detail to your sales strategy, such as your target users, sales channels, needs and points of appeal.

  • Presentation

    We will fully grasp and understand your sales strategy to propose product plans that meet your needs along with demonstration experiences.

  • Presentation of samples

    We will present you with product samples and operating models. You will then be able to check the basic functions/operations and the beauty effects of these.

  • Presentation of specifications and designs

    We will present you with product prescriptions, functions, specifications and designs based on your confirmation of the product samples and operating models.

  • Quotation

    We will provide you with a quotation that takes into account your targets.

  • Contract

    Your order will become official with the conclusion of the contract and the reckoning of the delivery date will start.

  • Trademark confirmation

    We will assist you in searching for similar trademarks to your product name and with the application procedures and registration. (There is a charge for this service.)

  • Start of manufacturing

    Our production bases are in Japan, so all our products carry the “Made in Japan” mark.

  • Construction of evidence

    We will assist you in the acquisition of evidence underlying the beauty effects of your products. (There is a charge for this service.)

  • Introductory training

    We provide introductory training (e.g. beauty basics, product theory and technical training).

  • Delivery

    We will deliver to you only the products that have passed our strict quality inspections by the appointed day of delivery.

  • Regular follow-up training

    Upon request, we will continue to provide follow-up training for the purpose of sales promotion, skill improvement and technology verification even after the completion of delivery.

OEM (OED) product planning example

This is a full OEM (ODM) commercialization plan for new planning, development and manufacture – from personal to business use – with proposals to match the needs of our clients for the planning of products based on various functions developed by our state-of-the-art technologies and the cosmetic raw materials supplied by our partner university laboratories and research institutes.

Target Equipment Functions

Facial Treatments
  • Electroporation beauty method (electroporation)
  • Micro current waves
  • Iontophoresis
  • Ultrasonic waves (1MHz to 3MHz)
  • Scriber
  • Suction & roller
  • Diamond peeling
Diet Treatments
  • Electroporation beauty method (electroporation)
  • EMS
  • Low frequency waves (Drainage toning)
  • Ultrasonic waves (1MHz to 3MHz)
  • Suction & roller
Hair Growth Treatments
  • Electroporation beauty method (electroporation)
  • Micro current waves
  • Iontophoresis
  • Scriber

Target Cosmetic Ingredients

Facial Treatments
  • EGF (Epidermal growth factor)
  • FGF-1 (Fibroblast growth factor 1)
  • FGF-7 (Fibroblast growth factor 7)
*The growth factor ingredients used by our firm are all approved by the Japan EGF Association.
*Our firm is an EGF manufacturer that has been approved by the Japan EGF Association.

Official website of the Japan EGF Association

Diet Treatments
  • Succinyl atelocollagen (high polymer)
  • Hyaluronic acid (high polymer)
  • Fucoxanthin (fucoxanthinol)
  • Phosphatidylcholine
*Our firm manufactures products based on a licensing agreement for fucoxanthin (fucoxanthinol) patents published by Kyoto University.

Website of the inventions of Kyoto University

Private brand product planning examples

This is a private brand commercialization plan that enables manufacturing with simple and low lots by altering the name, operation panel (label) design and printed matter (e.g. on cosmetics cases) of the proper products of our firm without changing their external shape or functions. Private band commercialization is only available for our proper products.

  • Product Development Business
  • OEM/ODM Business