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FGF-7 Bio Hair Supplement

FGF-7 Bio Hair Supplement

FGF-7 Bio Hair Supplement Image


Formulation with fibroblast growth factor 7

Realization of a scalp treatment created from biotechnology!

Features of Bio Hair Supplement

The FGF-7 Hair Care Series is a completely new series formulated with FGF-7 itself instead of a formulation of ingredients which increase FGF-7 or a formulation of ingredients which produce FGF-7.

tone, resilience and gloss

This is a supplement and treatment that brings moisture to the hair and scalp. This gives damaged hair tone, resilience and gloss while keeping your scalp healthy. This can also be used as a cream bath.


Product name Bio Hair Supplement
Volume 360g (FGF-7 10μg formulation)
Main ingredient Mineral oil, avocado oil, safflower oil, fibroblast growth factor 7, amalaka fruit extract, hydrolyzed keratin, jojoba oil, rehmannia root extract, blackberry lily extract, winter lime tree fruit extract, tree peony extract, soybean extract, skullcap extract and clove extract
How to use After removing dirt with Bio Hair Soap, thoroughly mix an appropriate amount over your entire scalp and hair. Wait for a while and then rinse.
Price 8,000 yen (excluding tax)
Product approved by the Japan EGF Association Bio Hair Supplement is a product approved by the Japan EGF Association.

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